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  • The law office of Shane Martínez provides representation to clients across southern Ontario. With the current "tough on crime" political climate becoming ever more severe, it is increasingly important for an accused person to have the best defence possible. At Martínez Law you can have confidence that every effort will be made to help you understand your options in the criminal process. Shane's approach is to ensure that you are well informed when working with him to decide on your best course of action. The firm's philosophy is strongly against the practice of "pleading guilty to get it over with", and maintains that no one should ever feel hopeless because of the charges they face.

    When you have Martínez Law in your corner, you are guaranteed to have dedicated and innovative representation from the earliest stages of the criminal process until the matter is finally resolved. From summary to indictable offences, free initial consultations are provided for all cases, including those involving drug possession and trafficking, arson, impaired driving, assault, probation violations, bail hearings, Internet offences, fraud, mischief, criminal harassment, prostitution, gun charges, uttering threats and obstruct police. Those looking for a Spanish-speaking lawyer in the Greater Toronto Area can also find comfort in the fact that services are available in both English and Spanish.

    Committed to obtaining the best possible result.

    Criminal charges?

    Know your rights.
    Fight to win.

    Police Accountability

    Criminal Defence

    Call now for a free consultation: 647-717-8111
    Serving the Greater Toronto Area
    Se habla espa?ol.

    Human Rights

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    Prisoner Justice

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